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Week In The Life: Sunday

I’m doing daily posts this week as part of Week In The Life, a scrapbooking project spearheaded by Ali Edwards. Other days of the project can be found here: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday.

Last day of this crazy picture-taking project. Here we go:


6:04am |  Sunday is the only day of the week when I leave the house for the studio and it’s not completely dark out. And that’s only in summer. First light 5:54am. Sunrise 6:25am.


11:00am | Home from teaching and this is what I see. Picnic on the grass.




11:03am | Those shoes! This is the first time he’s worn shoes for the purpose of walking (with help) outside. Oh my heart.




3:52pm | What happened between 11 and 4? I have no idea. Documentation fatigue, probably. Maybe a nap. Some food, for sure. Mowing the lawn? Anyway. Onward.


4:30pm | Stopped by a train on the way to our Weekly Park Adventure.


4:57pm  | It’s been a busy summer and we haven’t been going on weekly park adventures– it’s more like one or two times a month– but they’re still happening. This one is Hansen Park in New Brighton.



5:23pm | The posed timer- or remote-shot is a requirement of the Weekly Park Adventure.


Again, due to documentation fatigue I didn’t take any more photos after we came home from our adventure. I’m ok with that.


Week In The Life: Friday

I’m doing daily posts this week as part of Week In The Life, a scrapbooking project spearheaded by Ali Edwards. Other days of the project can be found here: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday.

Friday was apparently makeover day. New couch and chairs, new haircut. Here’s the day in photos:


Starting off with the mundane. We’ve just switched to this brand of toothpaste, it has less junk in it than the usual brands. And I find the tube to be aesthetically pleasing. Stamps by Elise Joy.


Setting up at the shala.


Post-teaching mirror selfie. The “before” shot? Soon to have new hairs.


My dad came over to watch Malcolm so I could jaunt off to the salon for the afternoon.


With Matty, my hair guy for the past four years. He’s fantastic. I haven’t colored my hair for years, so this was fun!


Yessssssss! Out with the old couch. Sayonara stripes. Now the only stripes in our house will be (let’s be honest) all of mine and Malcolm’s clothes.


Solid color furniture makes the living room look so clean!


Watching Daddy clean up.


I’m not the only one who obsessively photographs everything!

DSC_6070 DSC_6072 DSC_6081

Hanging out pre-bedtime.


It hasn’t been that long that we’ve been able to count on Malcolm going to sleep when he’s supposed to go to sleep. Friday nights are the only night where I don’t have to go to bed at a certain time because I don’t teach on Saturday mornings, and it’s really lovely to have a few hours where we’re not anticipating him waking up and having to be rocked or bounced back to sleep. We can go into the back yard and chill on the patio. We can go downstairs and watch an episode of Orange is the New Black. There were definitely some months when this relaxed Friday night seemed so far in the future I couldn’t even picture it. Parenthood, man. Everything changes all the time.

Week In The Life: Thursday

I’m doing daily posts this week as part of Week In The Life, a scrapbooking project spearheaded by Ali Edwards. Other days of the project can be found here: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

DSC_5960 DSC_5964

Top: Before practice. Above: After teaching. I love this room. Everything about this transition to the new space has made me so happy. I am grateful every day that I get to do this.


Obligatory mirror selfie. Very serious stuff, this selfie-taking.


M loves to climb on the carseat when we leave it on the floor. It’s not a super safe thing to do because it’s so tippy, so I liked the accidental placement of the WARNING label in the photo.


Lake of the Isles! We went to walk a lake, as Minneapolitans do. This one is nice because you get the natural scenery and at the same time you get to ogle the humongous houses along the parkway.

DSC_5981 DSC_5984 DSC_5985 DSC_5986

60-something degrees, hence the sweatshirt. Such a perfect day. Give me this weather year-round, please.


Fell asleep on the car ride home.


Some post-nap play time.


Occasionally I wash dishes.


One of my favorite photos from this week so far. Daddy and Malcolm time.

DSC_6011 DSC_6017 DSC_6026

I love that he really looks at the pictures in the books now, rather than just eating them.

Week In The Life: Tuesday

I’m doing daily posts this week as part of Week In The Life, a scrapbooking project spearheaded by Ali Edwards. Other days of the project can be found here: MondayWednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

On Tuesday I was feeling much better after having slept about 10 hours straight.


6:54am |  Five or six days a week, I get up and out of the house before anyone is awake. Even though the reason I was home Tuesday morning was my cold, it was still nice to hang out with my boys in the morning.


11:05am |  Nothing is worse than being cooped up in the house when you’re sick, especially when you’re starting to feel better, so I got us ready to go to the camera store to get a part for the tripod that had been lost (the little doohickey that attaches the camera to the tripod). Put my rain jacket on, and found the doohickey in the pocket. Ha! So we were all dressed up with nowhere to go. I decided (like you do) to attach the camera to the tripod and try it out. Uh, it works. And I actually like this photo because M is looking up at me.  (Yes, I covered his feet with a blanket before we went out.)


12:25pm |  Even though I didn’t need to go to the camera store anymore, I wanted to get out of the house so we went to the mall. Walked around a bit, tried on a couple dresses for an upcoming wedding, bought nothing. Good.

DSC_5825 (2)

1:45pm |  I love how he is looking at the camera. Like, I know what you’re doing here, mom.


3:42pm |  Practice. During second naptime. So many stripes. I am oh so excited for our new couch and chairs to be delivered later this week!


3:49pm |  Naptime. He was just waking up here.


4:26pm |  It’s always fun times when Daddy comes home.

DSC_5873 DSC_5877 DSC_5878

4:59pm |  Time to pick the vegetables. I am horrible about doing this during the day. Peter’s the gardener, for sure. It’s just not on my radar.

DSC_5882 DSC_5889 DSC_5893

5:08pm |  Pretty good harvest here. Those yellow things are cucumbers. Those green peppers are actually red peppers, but they never turn red.


6:23pm |  Dinnertime. No high chair means it’s hard to get the three of us in a dinner table shot.


7:24pm |  Second dinner. His bedtime is my bedtime, so that’s it for the day.


Why I scrapbook.

We went over to my dad’s house on Saturday and hunted down the old family photo albums, mainly to see if Malcolm looks like I did as a baby. Boy did we hit the jackpot. I hadn’t looked through these albums in years, and there were a few that just took my breath away. Today would have been my mom’s 75th birthday (although she would probably still refer to herself as “29, more or less”), so taking some time this week to pore through the albums and scan the photos seems fitting. Memory lane, and all that.

18 08

This is why I scrapbook. It makes me really happy to think that Malcolm might be going through our family album thirty years from now and not only find photos of us as a new family, but also be able to read the stories behind the photos, details I may have forgotten by then.

And yes, Malcolm looks so much like I did.

20 25 35 36

Also, my dad was a proto-hipster.


Digital Stamps

There are a few people in the scrapbooking blogosphere I follow obsessively with a dispassionate interest, and one of them (Cathy Zielske, a fellow Minnesotan) had a post up the other day about digital stamps and how to use them on an iPhone using Dropbox and the Letterglow app. Neat! She has a bunch of digital stamp files that you can purchase (and she gives away some free ones occasionally too) here, and I bought a set to play around a bit.

image  image (1)

Fun, right? I appreciate her sense of humor. So then I started messing around in Photoshop and created a few of my own:

IMG_0448  image (8)
image (9)

I have these stamps (PNGs) and a few more in a dropbox file; if you’re interested you can download them here. And then show me how you use them!

The baby book!

Ok, so I thought I loved using Project Life to create photo albums (erm…. scrapbooks) before Malcolm came along– I am about to go full-on evangelist about this shit. I’m using the physical products (as opposed to doing it digitally, which lately I’ve been doing with my regular week-by-week album) to make his baby book, and I am pleased as punch about the result. It’s just photos in pockets along with journaling cards, but how cool is it going to be to look back on this in twenty years? (or two months… whatever…)

This is what I’m doing. I have the 3×4 journal cards in a little box with a pen, and every time there’s something new, or something I want to remember, I grab one and write it down. I’m usually writing it to Malcolm, as in “Today you ate sweet potatoes for the first time” but there are a few cards where I forgot and wrote in the third person and I care not at all. And then at the end of the month, I count how many 4×6 and 3×4 photos I need to fill the empty slots after the journaling cards go in (I’m doing about eight pages per month), choose that number of photos, order them from Persnickety Prints, and slip them in once they arrive. I’ll generally try to put photos that go with the cards, as in a photo of him eating sweet potatoes will go next to that card, but if it doesn’t work out that way again, I’m not worried. It’s really nice to have a record of all of this stuff. Even better is being completely caught up on it all the time. I can imagine how people get stressed out because five years later they haven’t yet finished the baby book… you wouldn’t think that’s a thing, but it is totally a thing. Which sort of speaks to this cultural assumption that moms are solely responsible for the documentation of their children’s lives, as well as the planning of Pinterest-worthy birthday parties and Instagram-worthy nurseries, but I digress. For whatever reason, I really enjoy putting together these albums. What ya do?

DSC_4973 DSC_4975