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Week in the Life: Saturday

I’m doing daily posts this week as part of Week In The Life, a scrapbooking project spearheaded by Ali Edwards. Other days of the project can be found here: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, FridaySunday.

Oh how I love Saturdays. I love them so hard. Despite the fact that I am quite happy getting up at 3:15 every weekday to do what I do, Saturday means no alarm clock and the ability to hang out with my guys first thing. I’m usually well rested from Friday night, I know I don’t have to go to bed right at 8, we often do things like make pancakes or go to brunch or go to street fairs or run errands all together, and it’s just generally a party.


6:48am | Up and making coffee. Malcolm and I wake up about the same time, when there’s no alarm set.


6:48am |  Pajamas. I love how straight he sits up. Babies have such good posture.


7:35am | Still drinking coffee. I remember being concerned that if I drank coffee it would make Malcolm jittery; it doesn’t. Not a couple cups a day, in any case. I’m told if it doesn’t have a noticeable effect on him, it’s fine. Yays.


7:54am | 10-second self-timer shot that worked out extremely well. Peter was washing dishes– he had seen me set up the camera, I wasn’t very stealthy about it but I didn’t tell him what I was doing. I love Malcolm looking at the camera like, “They do this all the time.”


8:04am | Getting pretty sleepy. Time for a nap soon.


8:30am | M naps, we eat pancakes. Neither of us are gluten free, but Pamela’s gluten free flour makes fantastic pancakes.


10:34am | Occasionally I wash M’s toys.

DSC_6135 DSC_6145

1:52 | Back at it, after a trip to Home Depot and Target. I like that both M and P are sitting on the floor playing with stuff. (Peter is setting up a new lamp.)





2:40pm | Photoshoot time. I tell P I’m grateful that he has been a good sport about having a camera in his face all week. In the photo above I imagine M thinking “I’m stuck with such geeky parents.”


2:53pm | This meme has been everywhere this week. I couldn’t resist.


5:16pm | Finally hanging some photos on the wall. One of those ten-minute projects that has been sitting on the to-do list for ages.


7:14pm | Late dinner. Both of us pretty smitten with the little guy.


7:35pm | Bedtime stories. Messy room, messy photograph– yep, that’s a bag of dirty diapers in the corner– but whatever. This is one of my favorite parts of the day, when we’re winding M down and we all lie down on the floor in his room and read him a couple of books. I know everything changes all the time but I’m hoping this little ritual will stick around for a while.


Week In The Life: Friday

I’m doing daily posts this week as part of Week In The Life, a scrapbooking project spearheaded by Ali Edwards. Other days of the project can be found here: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday.

Friday was apparently makeover day. New couch and chairs, new haircut. Here’s the day in photos:


Starting off with the mundane. We’ve just switched to this brand of toothpaste, it has less junk in it than the usual brands. And I find the tube to be aesthetically pleasing. Stamps by Elise Joy.


Setting up at the shala.


Post-teaching mirror selfie. The “before” shot? Soon to have new hairs.


My dad came over to watch Malcolm so I could jaunt off to the salon for the afternoon.


With Matty, my hair guy for the past four years. He’s fantastic. I haven’t colored my hair for years, so this was fun!


Yessssssss! Out with the old couch. Sayonara stripes. Now the only stripes in our house will be (let’s be honest) all of mine and Malcolm’s clothes.


Solid color furniture makes the living room look so clean!


Watching Daddy clean up.


I’m not the only one who obsessively photographs everything!

DSC_6070 DSC_6072 DSC_6081

Hanging out pre-bedtime.


It hasn’t been that long that we’ve been able to count on Malcolm going to sleep when he’s supposed to go to sleep. Friday nights are the only night where I don’t have to go to bed at a certain time because I don’t teach on Saturday mornings, and it’s really lovely to have a few hours where we’re not anticipating him waking up and having to be rocked or bounced back to sleep. We can go into the back yard and chill on the patio. We can go downstairs and watch an episode of Orange is the New Black. There were definitely some months when this relaxed Friday night seemed so far in the future I couldn’t even picture it. Parenthood, man. Everything changes all the time.

Eight Months!

Eight months. Two thirds of a year. Time is flying these days. Every week or so I look at Malcolm sitting in his swing (we don’t have a high chair yet, so we strap him into the swing chair that has miraculously been the right size since he was about a month old) and say, “He’s huge!” Seems like I wouldn’t be surprised by his growth anymore but seriously, he’s like a foot taller than he was a month ago. Ok maybe not. But he’s at least 9 inches taller than when he was born, and that is still a LOT.

He is full-on crawling everywhere these days. For a while he did the belly slither thing, then he would crawl one or two knees before the slither, and now it’s all crawl all the time. He particularly likes going for the places in the house we haven’t baby proofed yet– electrical cords? Gimme! Air vents? Yes please! Corner of a table? Bring it on!

We have one of those thirty-roll packs of toilet paper from Costco that he has decided is his jungle gym, so we’ll probably have to buy another one if we want to use it as, uh, toilet paper. He holds onto it and stands, or walks along it, flops over it, crawls around it, gnaws on it. (No teeth yet! Is the plastic BPA-free I wonder?)

He is also, thankfully and knock on wood and all that, a great sleeper. We’ve had to let him cry a little bit a few times when initially going to sleep at night, but he usually figures it out within ten minutes or so and then is out for the night. Up until a month ago or so his naps were really spotty and not to be counted on, but now he takes a two hour nap in the morning and another 1-2 hours in the afternoon. It’s amazing. I can actually read books now or whatever.

A few of my favorite photos from the past month: