Week In The Life: Wednesday

I’m doing daily posts this week as part of Week In The Life, a scrapbooking project spearheaded by Ali Edwards. Other days of the project can be found here: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

Learning: black and white makes slightly blurry photos look moody. And since I refuse to use a flash, a dark cloudy/rainy day makes for some blur.



4:00am  |  Labeling milk bottles. Lather, rinse, repeat.



8:56am |  My dad comes to watch Malcolm a couple mornings a week while I teach so Peter can go to work. It is so helpful to our schedules, of course, but I am beyond grateful that M gets to spend time regularly with his Gwumpa.

DSC_5923 DSC_5928

11:35am |  M is obsessed with the mirror in our bedroom. He’s bonked his head on it a few times so I put that empty bin there as a barrier.


1:44pm |  Naptime means answering emails, looking at photos, eating leftover quinoa salad for lunch.


3:22pm |  Target run. M is all, really Mom? Target again? I forgot to get one thing we needed, and when I told Peter he said “It doesn’t matter. We go there every day.” (Slight exaggeration.)


4:45pm |  One of these two humans just woke up from a nap. The other one needs a nap.

7:04pm |  Dinner inspired by a Real Simple magazine recipe. Zucchini, tomatoes and basil from the garden. Mozzarella and english muffin from the co-op.



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