Week In The Life: Monday

What better way to jump back into blogging than with this Week In The Life project, spearheaded by Ali Edwards, one of the celebrities of the scrapbooking world. Other days of the project can be found here: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

The idea is to take a buttload of pictures (I’m not being vulgar here– a buttload is an actual unit of measure, according to the internet, though admittedly not that appropriate for counting photos) each day, write some words to go along with them, and wrap the whole thing up in an album at the end. Since the whole scrapbooking blogosphere is doing it this week, I thought I would too. I’m mostly using my Nikon J1 with an 18.5mm lens, but there are a few iphone photos thrown in too. Any editing has been done in photoshop, usually just converting to black and white and using the brightness/contrast sliders.

Here’s how Monday went.


3:15am | Every morning starts with pumping while everyone else is still asleep. Don’t love it, as it means I’m hooked up to a machine for half an hour while I drink my coffee and wake up, but it means that my little guy can still have breastmilk while I’m away teaching, and it’s worth it to me. I remember early on when breastfeeding was so difficult and painful and I couldn’t imagine making it to three months, let alone eight and counting; back then, I briefly considered pumping exclusively, as it was for a time easier and less painful. Although I know there are a wide range of choices that can work, I am so happy that I made the choice to continue with the boob.


3:45am |  After disconnecting from the machine. A few moments before leaving for the shala. Yes, I have a right lower leg. I’m incapable of sitting in a chair like a proper adult human.


4:30am |  Rosemary and I get to the shala, set up our mats, start practice. She’s practicing early so she can start assisting. Practice felt great this morning, despite fighting a cold, and I added karandavasana (which I did not land, but it didn’t utterly fall apart and I hadn’t tried it in seventeen monthsish, so that’s a win). I’m now back up to my full pre-pregnancy practice.


9:47am |  This face! He usually naps for close to two hours in the morning, and shortly after getting home and having breakfast I get to go in and say good morning. He’s pulling himself to standing on everything these days– we need to lower the crib mattress.


10:18am |  At this point my cold had started to descend on me again– I thought I was on the mend, but things took a turn. Ugh. We had planned to go to a music class in the neighborhood, but I decided to keep him home and not expose the other babies and parents to my cold. Trying not to breathe all over Malcolm meant lots of free play time on the floor.


10:20am |  He is most interested these days in things we stop him from doing. Like playing with the air vents, climbing on the dishwasher, licking our glass coffee table.


3:17pm |  Peter came home from work early to give me a break. We’re really lucky that he has a flexible job: he can come home a little early and then do a few hours from home at night or in the morning to make it up.


3:20pm |  We went on a walk to get some fresh air, I thought it would be good for my cold and Malcolm had been cooped up all day too.  There are several parks within easy walking distance from our house.


3:31pm |  Spotted on the walk: signs of fall. Nooooooo! Unacceptable.

10 11 12


3:40pm |  This was Malcolm’s first time in a swing! He did try to suck on the front part, but we convinced him that wasn’t a good idea and he seemed ok with just swinging. These two adorable blonde-haired boys came over to watch him. Everyone loves a baby in a swing!

145:50pm |  Second time in a week that a bunch of fire trucks have been on our street. The first time a tree fell on a power line, and this may be related to that.

First day of week in the life: done! It’s pretty Malcolm-heavy, but what can ya do. I’m not one to take a bunch of selfies when I’m feeling great. Hopefully we’ll get out of the house and have more fun activities the rest of the week!



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