Eight Months!

Eight months. Two thirds of a year. Time is flying these days. Every week or so I look at Malcolm sitting in his swing (we don’t have a high chair yet, so we strap him into the swing chair that has miraculously been the right size since he was about a month old) and say, “He’s huge!” Seems like I wouldn’t be surprised by his growth anymore but seriously, he’s like a foot taller than he was a month ago. Ok maybe not. But he’s at least 9 inches taller than when he was born, and that is still a LOT.

He is full-on crawling everywhere these days. For a while he did the belly slither thing, then he would crawl one or two knees before the slither, and now it’s all crawl all the time. He particularly likes going for the places in the house we haven’t baby proofed yet– electrical cords? Gimme! Air vents? Yes please! Corner of a table? Bring it on!

We have one of those thirty-roll packs of toilet paper from Costco that he has decided is his jungle gym, so we’ll probably have to buy another one if we want to use it as, uh, toilet paper. He holds onto it and stands, or walks along it, flops over it, crawls around it, gnaws on it. (No teeth yet! Is the plastic BPA-free I wonder?)

He is also, thankfully and knock on wood and all that, a great sleeper. We’ve had to let him cry a little bit a few times when initially going to sleep at night, but he usually figures it out within ten minutes or so and then is out for the night. Up until a month ago or so his naps were really spotty and not to be counted on, but now he takes a two hour nap in the morning and another 1-2 hours in the afternoon. It’s amazing. I can actually read books now or whatever.

A few of my favorite photos from the past month:








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