Why I scrapbook.

We went over to my dad’s house on Saturday and hunted down the old family photo albums, mainly to see if Malcolm looks like I did as a baby. Boy did we hit the jackpot. I hadn’t looked through these albums in years, and there were a few that just took my breath away. Today would have been my mom’s 75th birthday (although she would probably still refer to herself as “29, more or less”), so taking some time this week to pore through the albums and scan the photos seems fitting. Memory lane, and all that.

18 08

This is why I scrapbook. It makes me really happy to think that Malcolm might be going through our family album thirty years from now and not only find photos of us as a new family, but also be able to read the stories behind the photos, details I may have forgotten by then.

And yes, Malcolm looks so much like I did.

20 25 35 36

Also, my dad was a proto-hipster.



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