Hashtag: Cabinlife

We spent the Fourth up at the lake this year. My Mysore program moved to our new space today (!) and we had a few days off before the transition, so it was a nice opportunity to get away for a bit without having to get someone to teach for me. The next few months as we get settled into the new digs I will most likely not take any extra time off, save for a trip in September to Ann Arbor.

The lake is where Peter’s parents live, and where his family has been coming every summer for somewhere around 34 years. It’s such a Minnesotan thing to “go up North to the lake” on the weekends in the summer (although for Peter it was “Southeast to the lake,” since they lived in Fargo), but that’s never been my family’s story; I’m a city mouse through and through. I can totally appreciate relaxing at a cabin for a few days, but I’m not one to run off the dock and jump in the cold lake, and I get really squicked out by leeches and spiders. I was never a lake kid.

That being said, I feel really lucky that Malcolm is going to be a lake kid. We took him in the water several times this weekend and he loved it– he splashed around and squealed with joy. He looked like he might be able to swim by himself if Peter had let go (not yet, of course) and he’s not even crawling yet. A leech found its way onto his toe (a lake kid rite of passage) and he was completely unfazed. He’s going to grow up equally at home with lakes, and woods, and bugs as he is with city life.







3 thoughts on “Hashtag: Cabinlife

  1. julia

    i’m so with you! though, i think i was even more of a city kid than you (sorry, but i think manhattan is a little more of a city than mpls!) and now i’m more of a lake kid! and even though we don’t have our own cabin to go to all the time, even just with a backyard and city lakes, i am SO glad that ethan will have more of that in his daily life than i did. love that. and seriously, what a spot! you guys are lucky.

    1. Ellie Post author

      Haha, yes I suppose Manhattan trumps Mpls for being city-like. Mpls really is the best of both worlds (city/nature) if you take advantage of it. And yes, we’re so lucky to have the cabin to go to! (leeches and all)


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