Links: posts about pregnancy and yoga

I try to keep this blog mostly yoga-free now that I have a blog over at my teaching website, Ashtanga Yoga Minneapolis. But I’ll just leave this here: three posts that I wrote over the past year about yoga and pregnancy.

On Pregnancy and Ashtanga
Because ultimately what we’re all doing on the mat is loads more than making shapes, so in the course of a lifelong practice, changing up the shapes for nine months is a drop in the bucket.

Third Trimester Practice
I was given this advice early on in my pregnancy: in terms of asana practice, do what feels nourishing for you. Not what you think you should do, or what’s correct– what feelsnourishing.

Yoga Practice After Childbirth
There is a perception that Ashtanga is a very linear practice: the carrot/stick method of mastering one pose and getting the next. And that may be true initially, but a few years in it becomes much more circular: a process of un-learning and re-learning.



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