Six months!

Did you ever see the recent remake of Into the Woods? I did not. It was one of those things that slipped by– it came out on Christmas last year, I think, when I was deep in the newborn haze and I kept meaning to find a way to see it and it just didn’t happen. I’m listening to the soundtrack right now on Google Play and it’s pretty good! So far quite true to the original, which I love so much.

Lots of things have slipped by in the last six months. Six months! But really, it’s just been lovely, because having a baby is basically an excuse to say no to things you weren’t all that interested in anyway. And, you know, a few movies that you can catch on Netflix in another six months anyway.

Malcolm is ridiculous. Ridiculous. Loves bouncing, loves standing (with an, er, assist), soooo close to crawling but not quite there yet so he gets a little frustrated. He’s getting up on his hands and knees a little bit here and there– he just needs to figure out how to move forward. We’ve discovered that the quickest way to make him laugh (this giggle he has could end wars) is to surprise him– turn your head to the side, get really quiet, then turn your face to him and say “BOOOGLEBOOOGLE” or some such thing and he’s in stitches.

In other life news, I’ll be moving my Mysore program from the studio where we’ve been for a year to a new space I’ve rented. I’m so excited to make this transition: it’s happening sooner than I expected but the program has grown so much that this is the logical next step. I think it’ll be fantastic all around. Three more weeks at our current location and then the new space opens July 6!

So that’s what’s happening this month. Here are a few photos of the boy (and one of my shiny new yoga space!)

DSC_4393 DSC_4299 DSC_4585 DSC_4561 DSC_4420



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