Malcolm at 19 Weeks

Everything happens so friggin’ fast these days. My little boy (19 weeks now, or I suppose we should be counting in months, so four and a half months!) is sitting up by himself (ok, if you prop him in a sitting position he can stay there, but that’s a start, right?), rolling front to back and back to front, talking up a storm, laughing, singing (sure sounds like it sometimes, and he does LOVE it when we sing to him), getting his knees way up there under his butt which is a first step towards crawling I’d guess, standing with minimal help, I mean what the hell, he’s practically in kindergarten. Another super nice development lately is that he goes to sleep much more easily than he has in the past– he falls asleep eating, and often I can just set him in the crib and he will stay asleep. Hashtag holy grail.

He’s uuuusually sleeping through the night now too– I sort of hesitate to write that because who knows, could change anytime, but he generally goes down between 7:30 and 8 and wakes around 5 or 6. Every few days he needs an extra feeding, though, like this morning, when he woke up just before 3. And then I was up for the day. Coffee!

I love watching him figure things out. There is an intensity about the way he looks at the world, and he gets this V in his forehead when he’s concentrating. But then he looks at me and smiles so easily, I don’t have to prompt him much anymore (gimme a smile! give mama a smile!), unless he’s distracted. And the way he looks at me, good lord, it’s like I hung the moon. Best feeling ever. I mean how does anyone ever live up to that?

He’s starting to be really interested in watching us eat, and I’ve had to quit eating while I nurse him (what? mama gets hungry!) because he’ll just stop and watch me. We have six months in mind for when to start giving him food, but that’s not hard and fast (nothing is in parenting, I’m learning). It’s still a ways away, but I’m not looking forward to nursing him less; I really enjoy that time. (Just seeing myself type that sentence: whoa. It wasn’t that long ago that breastfeeding was so painful and so hard and I was just hoping that I’d be able to stick it out until 6 months. See above, re: things changing.)

Some photos from the last couple weeks:







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