End of the fourth trimester.

Malcolm is three months old! They say that babies really should be in the womb for an extra three months in order to be ready for the world, but due to the size of the human brain they have to come out a little early (because ouch). Looking at my fourteen-plus-pound baby, I am super extremely glad he came out when he did, but there were definitely some early days when it seemed like no, he was not yet ready to be in the world. Because it’s cold, and quiet (without the shushing sound inside the womb), and dry, and startling out here. I remember when people would tell me about this “fourth trimester” concept and that everything changes at three months, and I thought how impossibly far in the future March 10 seemed. But here we are, March 10 and everyone was right. It’s not like he woke up this morning and was suddenly able to self-soothe and brush his teeth and do the laundry, but in recent weeks he has gotten so much more capable of being in the world. I remember looking with longing at other 3-4 week old babies in my mamas group who were able to be awake and just chill out on their mom or dad’s lap– it seemed at that point that M had to be asleep or feeding in order to not cry. But now? He’s totally cool. He can hang out with the best of them. He’s developing likes and dislikes beyond “likes to eat, dislikes being tired.” Such as: LOVES being sung to. He especially likes Mary Poppins songs, but doesn’t really care for Taylor Swift. He likes being tickled, and his favorite thing is when he spits up and I use the burp cloth to dab at his mouth– this is apparently hilarious. When he laughs he brings both hands up to his mouth– he laughs with his whole body. He likes being held facing out– he has major FOMO and will fuss if we put him in a carrier facing in. And his neck is pretty much strong enough to forward-face now, as long as we’re a little careful. With any luck later today we’ll take him out for his first walk-around-the-block in the carrier, since it’s going to be pushing 60 degrees!

I just love this little guy so much. It’s so exciting to think about all the firsts that he’s going to experience in the next three months, considering how dramatic the changes have been in the first three.

A few of my favorite photos of him from the last week:







4 thoughts on “End of the fourth trimester.

  1. julia

    okay, how have i missed all of your posts since january?! i love them. and i’m totally smiling and nodding and remembering those newborn/first few months days. never putting the baby down, eating crackers. peeing first and foremost as soon as he would allow me to put him down (or is it TMI to admit how good i got at peeing while holding him? maybe). the moby was my absolute life saver for about six months. anyways. i love all of this and must keep up better. can’t wait to see you all in the flesh this weekend!

    1. Ellie Post author

      Ha, probably because I don’t publicize my blog very often. So excited to see you guys too, it’s been too long!

  2. defenderofmen

    Your son is so cute! My little one just turned 3 months too so I am totally right there. It truly is a 4th trimester! The difference in them from when they were born to now is night and day. Good post!


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