Life Right Now

Each week is sweeter than the last. Malcolm is eleven weeks old now, and he’s growing and learning like crazy. His latest favorite thing is tummy time– which, for non-parents, is just a silly name for putting the baby on his belly so he can develop his back and neck muscles. Cobra pose, if you will. He hated it initially — all babies do– so it’s really fun to see him lifting his head up higher and enjoying the view.

I’m back teaching now, have been for almost a month. It’s so great for a few reasons, not the least of which is that being out of the house for a few hours each day forces me to remember how to interact with humans in a way that does not involve raising the pitch of my voice and repeating myself three times (“Are you a silly monkey? ARE you a silly monkey? Are you a silly MONKEY?”). It’s really wonderful too to be able to step right back in without missing a beat– attendance is still strong, the students kept on practicing while I was gone and learned a lot from my two subs. And I’m able to run around the room a little more efficiently now that I’m not nine months pregnant, whoo boy that does make a difference.

As for practice: I initially practiced at home later in the day after teaching. I’d wait until my little guy was down for a solid nap and roll out my mat, but some days there was no putting him down, and some days he’d nap in spurts of ten or twenty minutes only, so that was doomed from the start. I found that if I get up just a wee bit earlier, I can get to the studio early and knock out a decent practice before the students get there; that’s what I did throughout my pregnancy and what I think is ideal anyway, so it’s a win-win. Gone are the days of having an hour and a half of sipping coffee and leisurely knitting, or reading, or browsing facebook before practice; it’s get up, get dressed, a twelve-minute breastmilk pump and then out the door but it’s soooo worth it to have that 75 minutes to practice.

And then I get to come home to this: (life is good)



2 thoughts on “Life Right Now

    1. Ellie Post author

      Aw thanks! Well, I’m told that the one thing you can count on is constant change, so I’ll just enjoy it while I can. 🙂


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