The boy is here.

Happy 2015! Last time I blogged I was 15 weeks pregnant. As I write this I have a sleeping one-month old in a wrap sling on my chest. So, time passes. My little guy Malcolm arrived on December 10, about an hour and a half before I turned 35 (so the kid doesn’t get to bogart my birthday). I plan to write out his birth story, and possibly post it here, but in the meantime I’ll just say it was an amazing experience, and it was everything I hoped it would be, in no small part thanks to the people (midwives, doula, and Peter) I chose to have around me.

The last month has been indescribably hard. And indescribably wonderful. Everyone tells you how little sleep you’ll get the first few months, how overwhelming it will be and how completely in love you will fall with your little one but I couldn’t have imagined the scale to which this is all so true. And we all know how smug pregnant women are; well, new mothers are also incredibly smug because we have just discovered the meaning of life and the existence of God all in one nine pound three ounce package.

At five weeks old, Malcolm is getting more and more alert and responsive every day. For a while it seemed like he was always either sleeping, eating or crying– but now there are some decent stretches of time when he’s awake, and happy, and looking right at us (he doesn’t really know to make eye contact yet, so his eyes sort of scan the outline of your face), and just in the last day or two he’s started smiling. Really smiling, not just the gassy accidental smiles that happen from the beginning. A quick google turns up that babies start socially smiling around the 2 month mark, but I’m fairly convinced that he’s doing it now. He’s a noisy eater, squeaking and grunting and cooing. When he’s tired and gets fussy, he’s very particular about the way we go about calming him down– swaddled, bouncing on the exercise ball (I keep calling it the “birth ball” because I used it during labor), no lack of movement will be tolerated, even at 2am.

I’m hoping to write in this space a little more frequently now, maybe once a week if I can swing it. I will warn you, my posts might end abruptly because when a certain someone gets hungry, he goes from zero to bloody murder in about ten seconds.



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