What a crazy few months…

…is not a title any English teacher would approve, but as a way to sum up the time since I last posted in February, it’s pretty spot-on.

You know how I had all that leisure time in India to read a hundred books and write about them? Well, the last book I finished was on the February list. And it’s June now. Oh well. I’m almost finished with Hikikomori and the Rental Sister, which I started back in March and let it expire on my kindle, and finally borrowed it again to finish the damn thing. I let the Wind-Up Bird Chronicle expire too, but that one’s in high demand so I have to wait to borrow it again.

The news that I sort of alluded to but didn’t outright say in the last post was that I was (as the three or four readers of this blog already know) given authorization by my teacher in India to start an Ashtanga program here in Minnesota, which I planned for a couple of months and then started in May. It has been overwhelmingly wonderful. There are dedicated students. The room is full, and focused, and warm. A month and a half in and I love every minute of it. I won’t be writing about yoga in this space much, but I do have a website and blog over at Ashtanga Yoga Minneapolis if you care to visit.

Oh right, and I’m pregnant!! 15 weeks in, and I still need to use two exclamation points. It’s been weird and awesome so far. What do you say about sharing your body with another person, one that’s the size of a lemon? I’ve been eating a lot of cheese. I will not wear jeans for the next year, probably. And my 3am alarm has inexplicably left me feeling like I’m not getting quiiiite enough sleep.

On top of all this, Peter and I (mostly Peter) spent a lot of time both while I was in India and after I got back preparing our house to sell. This was the plan all along: we would sell the house and buy a bigger one, in preparation for the new addition. We had one couple look at the house, they made an offer, and we decided to stay. What?! I know. Long story short, we realized that we live in a pretty awesome house. Which is great, because it means I don’t have to settle into a new house while preparing to bring a new human into the world, but it also probably means that we’ll be moving in a year or two, when we have a baby slash toddler on our hands. C’est la vie.

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