From Mysore: Second week, thoughts.

Five quick thoughts. Also, unrelated pictures.

1. It’s very easy to feel, when you’re engaged in a daily practice, that progress is nonexistent, simply because it is very slow. I’m realizing now that I have to start living in a world where that thing that was sooooo hard last trip is actually fairly drama-free this trip. So, neat. But that also means that whatever the Big Struggle version 20.14 has not yet revealed itself. Bring it on, meestru.

2. I’m taking a Kannada class. (Kannada is the language spoken in Karnataka, the state where Mysore is. It’s the third oldest language in India, after Sanskrit and Tamil.) Ten days in a row, at the end of which I will– according to the class description– not be able to write epic poetry, but converse with the locals. So far my favorite expressions are “What’s up, teacher?” (Eenu, meestre), and “Too much!” (thumba jasti).

3. My next-door neighbor likes having bhangra dance parties. I don’t hate it.

4. The smile that Sharath gives me when I stand in the doorway after practice waiting to catch his eye and thank him with a little bow (this is a common thing to do) is simply magical. Despite his long teaching hours and so much physical strain, he clearly loves sharing this practice with students. I’m so lucky to be here.

5. I have a little cold, something I seem to recall happening early on in my other trips too. My system’s adjusting to the climate, perhaps. Sharath told a story in conference of a student who missed class with Guruji for a few days, and when she told him she had a cold, he made her come to the shala and do sutra neti (like using a neti pot, except instead of water you’re pulling thread or string through the nasal passageway). Sounds like fun! In any case, the moon day tomorrow couldn’t have come at a better time.







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