Day four, 6:00am. Hearing call to prayer outside, and a few hoarse roosters crowing.

Oh it feels so normal to be here. First couple practices, easy primary with a seemingly completely different body than my last creaky practice in MN. It’s astounding what living in an 80 degree world does to your body when coming from a -10 degree world. As the polar vortex rages in the Midwest, I’ve somehow adjusted to thinking that 60 degrees at night is cold. I bought a blanket on Wednesday! (which will probably be decorative come the end of the month.)

Yesterday I discovered the best mat spot in the house, hands down. In the corner by Sharath’s office, directly under the portrait of Amma, Guruji’s wife, which is hung at an angle such that my urdhva dristi is right into her eyes. A very sweet gazing point.

A reliable internet connection is the stuff of legends here, and mine is worse than usual. No connection at all for the last day, which is both frustrating (when I’d very much like some facetime with my husband) and freeing (at least I’m not whittling away time on facebook). I have been reading quite a bit, something I’ve missed at home for the past few months, with Murakami as my drug of choice for now. I’ve finished his collection of short stories After the Quake, and am a good chunk of the way into 1Q84.

Now, bucket bath before my first led primary. I’m in the late class (7:30). I’ve heard this group is not too elbow-y to get into the shala. Here’s hoping.


Uploaded from Vivian’s Cafe, 10am


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