Hello, 2014

Happy New Year! I’m not typically one to make resolutions, but if you twisted my arm about it I suppose I’d like to write in this space more frequently, so perhaps let’s make that my resolution. And now is a perfect time to begin, the week before my departure to a faraway land. Because there are always writeaboutable adventures to be had in faraway lands.

While we’re on the topic of the new year: last night as Peter and I were working on our jigsaw puzzle* (an annual family tradition of mine that I’ve successfully made ours, as this is the third year we’ve done it), we decided to name our top five events of 2013, as well as the top five things we’re looking forward to in 2014. Four of my five events of this past year involved travel: trips to Chicago, California, Ann Arbor, Ohio, and my in-laws’ house up north. (Yes, that was five places. I counted two as one, because those are the rules I made up.) Which is funny because one of the reasons I love living in Minnesota is how grounded this state, where everyone has roots extending twenty feet down, makes me feel. Travel is easier for me when home feels like home.


*Last year we got a gajillion-piece puzzle that we didn’t actually finish because it just got too hard. So this year, to compensate, Peter got us a 100-piecer, a kids puzzle that glows in the dark. We finished it in about ten minutes. Perhaps next year we should step up our game.


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