Holiday! Right?


I discovered the other night that my husband and I have a fundamental disagreement about the nature of the world. And by “the nature of the world,” I mean “the holiday season.” Same-same. He was boiling water on the stove, I was getting out cups and tea. I reached for a holiday mug, pictured above, for my own tea, but he stopped me.

You can’t use that mug. It’s too early.

But it’s November! We are past Halloween! It is officially the holiday season.

No, it’s still fall. We haven’t hit Thanksgiving yet. 

We’ve had the first snowfall! Snow equals winter.

Yeah, but the snow didn’t stick. There’s the first snow, and then the first SNOW snow.

That doesn’t make any sense. We’ve already had snow, the sun sets before 5pm, and if I wanted to I could go out and purchase a Christmas ornament or a lawn reindeer. All of this equals the holiday season.

Because really, snow and darkness WITHOUT the joy of the holiday season is, well, February. And nobody likes that.

I’m right, right? We’re officially in HOLIDAY 2013?


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