Magic Powder


There’s a rumor going around that people tend to get sick during the winter. I know! I couldn’t believe it either. I mean, who would want to have a cold and/or the flu when it’s already stupid cold outside? Not me.

Since one of my jobs involves sweaty people in stretchy pants and the other involves teaching yoga (I’ll be here all night, folks), it might behoove me to be a little extra intentional about what I put in my body to protect it from the so-called cold and flu season. Did you know that turmeric prevents colds and possibly cancer? It also reduces inflammation and improves digestion, among other things.

Laruga at PeaceLoveYoga wrote about this Golden Milk tonic, and included the recipe on her blog. I made it this afternoon; it’s simple and delicious. You should try it too. Two things to note, however: 1. Turmeric dyes everything yellow. Be forewarned and 2. It’s a good idea to stir it as you drink it, otherwise the turmeric will sink to the bottom and get a little gritty towards the end.



2 thoughts on “Magic Powder

    1. Ellie Post author

      You could do it smoothie-style, yogurt and banana as the base with peanut butter too? Hm, not sure how that would taste with turmeric, but worth a try.


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