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Magic Powder


There’s a rumor going around that people tend to get sick during the winter. I know! I couldn’t believe it either. I mean, who would want to have a cold and/or the flu when it’s already stupid cold outside? Not me.

Since one of my jobs involves sweaty people in stretchy pants and the other involves teaching yoga (I’ll be here all night, folks), it might behoove me to be a little extra intentional about what I put in my body to protect it from the so-called cold and flu season. Did you know that turmeric prevents colds and possibly cancer? It also reduces inflammation and improves digestion, among other things.

Laruga at PeaceLoveYoga wrote about this Golden Milk tonic, and included the recipe on her blog. I made it this afternoon; it’s simple and delicious. You should try it too. Two things to note, however: 1. Turmeric dyes everything yellow. Be forewarned and 2. It’s a good idea to stir it as you drink it, otherwise the turmeric will sink to the bottom and get a little gritty towards the end.



Cabin Life

This is step one in enjoying the cold weather. We’re up at the cabin in Central Minnesota with my brother- and parents-in-law. This afternoon we went on an hour-or-so-long hike that took us through the woods and up to a bluff overlooking the lake that the cabin is on. Gorgeous fall scenery– just past the height of fall colors, but still picturesque– and 30 degree weather. That’s how you do fall.





Nap on the go.

This is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen.


It’s a pillow that you wear on your head. And then you can take a nap anywhere! It’ll be dark, cozy, and quiet and you’ll look kind of crazy, but seriously who cares because THINK OF THE NAPPING POTENTIAL.

The only possible drawback I can think of is that strangers might come up to you to ask about the amazing thing you’re wearing on your head, and that would interrupt your nap.

(Lest you think I’m being paid by the Ostrich Pillow folks, I’m not. I just think they are sodding geniuses.)

(Lest you think I’m British because I use words like “lest” and “sodding,” I assure you I’m not.)

Fall Survival Tips


My plan is to full-on embrace the cold weather from here on out. I’ve tended to fall into the complaining camp when it comes to winter– more than one friend has told me that I’m a lot more fun in the summer– but I figure now that I’ve put down roots here in Minnesota, it’s time to dig in and figure out how to enjoy the eff out of sub-freezing temperatures.

(It should be easy this year, as I’ll be missing two-ish months of the winter while I’m in India, so really, I have nothing to complain about.)

Here’s my plan:

1. Squash. I don’t eat enough squash! And there are so many varieties to choose from. Nothing says enjoying the fall like roasted — or baked– (what’s the difference? I don’t know) squash. Peter got this one from the store last night, perhaps we’ll cook it tonight. A quick Google search told me that it is Festival Squash. That sounds fun!


2. Dress warmly. It sounds like a given, but I’m also the one who didn’t own a real winter coat until that last winter in Chicago– for six years I wore a windbreaker, basically, and I wondered why I was so desperate to move to California. I have a coat now, yes, but also a pesky habit of wearing yoga pants everywhere. Moisture-wicking and breathable does not a warm pant make, friends. I just ordered these flannel lined jeans and am planning on keeping them on my body until January.

3. Be outside more. It sounds sooorrrt of counter-intuitive, but bear with me. If the only times I’m outdoors in the winter involve cars (scraping off, walking to and from parking lots, etc), then I’ll naturally associate winter with horribleness. But if I can get outside and do stuff– sledding, campfires, ice skating– then it can’t be all bad, right?

And yes, I know I’m conflating fall and winter things here a little bit– but my winter lasts from, well, now until January 6, so fall, winter, same-same.

Here I go again, girls what’s my weakness? BLOGS!

Well, hi there. Here goes nothing. Or, the hope is, here goes something.

Every so often I think to myself, “Hey! I should blog about that life event slash touching story on Ellen slash fabulous vacation slash kitten video.” Then I remember that the only blog I have is a Serious Yoga Blog and I haven’t been in the mood to write Serious Yoga Things lately.

So this is a place where I can write slightly, well, fluffier things. There might be some yoga sprinkled in here and there, but it won’t be Yoga yoga, just, you know, yoga. (For my very first link: a great post about contrastive reduplication– “I’m up, but I’m not UP up”– here)

Just in case you’ve stumbled here accidentally, here’s a little bit about me (I maaaay not share this with  many people I know in real life until I’ve written regularly for a little while, not wanting to be the Girl Who Cried Blog):

Born and raised in Minneapolis. schooled just outside of Boston, spent one year in London, seven in Chicago, almost two in California, and now I’m back where I started. I’m a newlywed (how long can I milk that?) married September 2012, I practice yoga, teach yoga, read books, write blogs (hello). I take a lot of photographs, print some of them on paper and put them in albums. So retro. I also work at a Canadian yoga clothing store that is occasionally mentioned in the news.

(If you didn’t catch the reference in the title, here you go. You’re welcome.)